My Cancer Story

Look for Signs

I think God sends us signs and tries to tell us things in ways that He thinks we will understand.

When I first went on short-term leave and was about to start chemotherapy, I was really nervous about how we would make everything work financially (I would only be on a partial salary while on ST Disability and my husband is a stay-at-home Dad) and whether I would be OK in the end.  I worried I would leave my daughter without a Mom and my family without an income.  I wanted, and needed some reassurance and I got it from a carton of eggs….

We had just started eating more healthy protein as a part of a new diet, so we ate eggs just about every morning for breakfast.  One morning, I decided to make scrambled eggs and I opened a new carton of eggs.  One of the eggs was broken, so I threw it down the drain.  I pulled out two more eggs and cracked them into a bowl to whisk them up and both eggs had double yolks!  I had heard an old wives tale that a double yolk was good luck, probably because it is so rare, so I thought that maybe this was a sign from God; a sign that things would somehow work out.

Over the next several days, my husband and I kept breaking the eggs to scramble and every time there was a double yolk.  Every one of the eleven remaining eggs in that carton, had a double yolk!!!  I cannot even imagine what the odds are of that happening but it did.  I then knew this was definitely a sign from God telling me everything would be OK.

We saved the carton as a tangible symbol of the message.

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